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Current Trustees

Currently there are 7 Pilot Trustees, one Trustee representing a Contributing Company and one Independent Trustees of the fund.

The Trustees of the Fund view and assess membership applications, claims and oversee the investment of the Fund’s assets.  The Pilot Trustees are elected by the Fund’s members.

The current Trustees are as follows

 Independent Trustee: Paul Kelway

Paul is an independent Trustee.

 Independent Trustee: Penelope Ryder-Lewis 

Penelope is the principal of Bartlett Law, a boutique employment law firm based in Wellington. She has been a principal in that firm for 17 years, and prior to that worked in other Wellington firms and ECNZ. She has extensive experience in health-related employment issues, including workplace stress. In her spare time she enjoys anything to do with aircraft and travel; and maintains a lifelong interest in ballet and dance. For 9 years she was a board member of the NZ School of Dance.


Pilot Trustee (Chairperson) – Philippa Schofield

Philippa is an Airbus First Officer with Air New Zealand and has been a Trustee since April 2018. Prior to working for Air New Zealand Philippa worked for Jetstar New Zealand.

Pilot Trustee – James Brisbane

James is an ATR captain with Air New Zealand and has been a trustee since 2023. He formally worked for Eagle Airways.

 Pilot Trustee – Louise Maihi

Louise Maihi is a Boeing 787 Second Officer. She has been a Trustee since June 2019. Louise has also worked for Air Nelson prior to Air New Zealand.

 Pilot Trustee – Randell Bell

Randell Bell is a Boeing 777 First Officer for Air New Zealand. Prior to Air New Zealand he worked for Air Nelson based in the Hawkes Bay. 

He has been a trustee since May 2024.

 Pilot Trustee – Thomas Fitzgerald

Tom Fitzgerald is a Captain with Air New Zealand. He has been a Trustee since December 2021.